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Warning this is an Active KickStarter project. I have backed, and may never become a true product. If the KickStarter funds and the product ships, I will review it here, just like any other product I may review. 

I am one of the super odd people. I live in the CyberWorld. I carry a smart phone, and a tablet almost at all times. Yet there are times when I use Pen and Paper by choice. Not because I must be because I wish to.

I go even farther into the deep dark depths of wierd. I use a fountain pen whenever possible. I even use a fountain pen to journal. That's right I journal on paper, actually I have a CommonPlace Book rather then a daily journal. But that is beside the point. 

There quite a few bound notebooks that i can use easily with Fountain Pens and other writing tools easily to Journal. I will I am sure be posting about all of them at some point. So far I have found only two notebooks that I would consider useful. Both are Disc Bound, and in fact the pages are interchangeable. 

  • M by Staples
  • Circa Disc Bound by Levenger

I can hear you question, what's the difference between a journal and a notebook?

The way I use the two words is important. A Journal is a bound book, you can't easily remove pages, and you certainly can not replace pages without pasting them onto other pages. A note book for me on the other hand is a book you can easily remove pages for a number of reasons. Like scanning or giving to someone else. In a few cases you can actually place pages back into a notebook, but often those are binder systems like the two mentioned above.

Okay so that is what a Notebook is, whats a template and who needs them?

Ah that's actually easy to explain. Most Fountain Pen friendly books are plain paper, blank, like a sketchbook. But sometimes you need something to guide you and focus you. Alot of the time we just find a PDF and print it. Sticking it under the page we are working on, Lines and Grid patterns being the most common. But sometimes its nice to have the templates provided.

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