Here lays the Sidetray

Try as it may
Found wanting

A Pen, A Ruler


Warning this is an Active KickStarter project. I have backed, and may never become a true product. If the KickStarter funds and the product ships, I will review it here, just like any other product I may review. 


I don't know about the rest of you. But I find that sometimes good old fashion pen and paper is better then a digital answer. I personally have gone so far as to use Fountain Pens whenever I can. This Kickstarter isn't a Fountain Pen, it is a need I developed as I began to journal on paper again. Many of the best journals have no lines and I sometimes need a straight line. This project shows me that I am not alone.

A Ruler that is the holder for a pen. If this interests you by all means Back the Project..


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