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Review - Harmony Black

Review - Harmony Black

Harmony Black

 Author : Craig Schaefer 

Pages : 332

Chapters : 45

Genre : Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Occult, Suspense   

Series : Harmony Black

Order in Series : I

Recommend the Read if you like Urban Fantasy

“You could forge your pain into a sword,” Nyx said, “and persecute your enemies. Triumph. Survive. But fear imprisons you. Fear of breaking rules. Fear of what people will think of you. Petty little fears.”
— Nyx, Bounty Hunter Demon (Harmony Black : Book 1)

Harmony Black, FBI Agent, Witch went down the rabbit hole of Vigilant Lock. The USA's shadow unit for the paranormal. 

Is this a shared universe with The Daniel Faust Series by the same author? Confirmed... I will be reading that Series soon

This book is written without the deep backstory and narrative of Epics. We see the story unfold as Harmony Black does. In many ways it is similar to those Police Dramas that have been so popular, CSI, NCIS, Bones.

If X-Files was less a laughing stock of the FBI and more a MiB within Law Enforcement... That seems to be the basis of Vigilant Lock.

The Main character is a women, and it is written close to first person. I am curious if this will mean that the series is more Police Drama then Paranormal Romance. 

This book drops that main character back to her hometown, chasing the same creature that killed her father and took her baby sister years ago. Am I the only one to sense a bit of Fox Mulder in this universe. 

Over all this is a good book. With quite a few twists and turns. I think Craig is a Fan of Buffy... When you reach the end of the book you will understand why.


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Review - Specre

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