Here lays the Sidetray

Try as it may
Found wanting

The Name of the Game is... LoreMastter

The Name of the Game is... LoreMastter

My own Screen Shot of my own character  "Pucklemine

Name - Pucklemine

Gender - Female

Race - Worgen

Faction - Alliance

Server - Dalaran

Class - Warlock  

Specialization - Demonology   

Profession 1 - Herbalism

Profession 2 -  Alchemy 


The Plan 

Its simple. I will be playing this on Twitch. 

I will be Importing it to YouTube

I will be posting the YouTube here in Blog Posts

The Goal

Level 1 to 100

Solo Grind!!!!

Lore Master Achievement

New Server

No Guild

Only support comes from Fans.

So please comment, subscribe to YouTube and follow on Twitch. 

The Truth

I am not great at Games even MMOs though I love them

I am new to Twitch and Streaming so yes I will suck but hope to get better with practice

It is PREFECTLY okay to laugh at me.

I know I will get lost. I get lost in Real Life and in Games ALOT.

Watch the Stream live on

Watch the past and laugh yourself sick at me on YouTube 

Pucklemine - Worgen Female - Super Short Session

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