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Last I knew Navajo was a Native Tribe

Last I knew Navajo was a Native Tribe


If I am not completely gone... Are not the Navajo one of the LARGEST tribes, and also among the more patriotic. Maybe I am mistaken but a good portion of the South Western police, and national guard are of Navajo descent... Do people not know the names of some of the bigger tribes... I am not a historian but just off the top of my head, I know Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux and Hopi. I live in CT, thats the New England area of the North Eastern Coast.. Yet I remember when we were doing family trees in grade school, a lot of my African American friends and classmates had Cherokee ancestors. As for Navajo, people look up World War II... Without the Navajo we would have lost many more people in the Pacific. There is even a movie about the Code Talkers.


People talking about of their ass about things that they should know from grade school scares me 

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