I am a geek, a nerd, a writer, a gamer, a coder, all those things that were not so cool before the Dot Com revolution. I am an old geek, before we were COOL. I am not rich. and I am physically handicapped.

This is my world, here are things I like or am thinking about. My public thoughts and reviews of anything I feel like reviewing. I used to have this universe split between five domains. That's too much work and too confusing. Therefore I warn you now, not everything here will appeal to everyone. All types of free thinkers are allowed here.

The online surprise that is probably not a surprise 

Puck Silverbreeze is a pen name

I think a lot of people on the internet have figured this out. 

I write under a pen name. Mostly Fan Fictions, I have for many years, started way back in the 90s. 

The world is different now then it was then. People writing fiction as a hobby or even as a independent as well as having a job is acceptable now. While my fiction may not be everyone's cup of tea. I am well aware of that. It has finally become a bigger issue to keep my online personas separate then it is worth. So for now I am consoldating my websites. Its just no longer makes sense to maintain multiple small sites and blogs. 

The Surprise that may be one

I am physically disabled. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. What does that mean, I walk with Crutches. Talk a bit funny, a few other annoying things that are just part of life.

Of course the question is: Why should We, your readership care?

If you are here to read my fiction, you most likely won't notice. CP is not a big part of my fiction. I actually avoid it in fiction, even other peoples. If you read my other pages, it may explain some things. It probably explains a few of my Tweets for those of you who read those too.


Best Wishes and Sweet Travels in the Ship Imagination

Tom Suchecki aka Puck Silverbreeze