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Franklin-Christoph Black Magic

Black Magic

Ink Information

Brand: Franklin-Christoph

Color: Black Magic

Where to Buy:

The only place I have found this ink is the Fraklin-Christof Ink Cellar  


Extra-Fine Nib

Fine Nib

Medium Nib

Cross Nib

Broad Nib

1.1 Stub

Notes and Recommendation

I had very high hopes for this ink. Franklin-Christoph bills it as Fast Dry super black ink. And they did not lie, This is some of the blackest ink I have ever used. This ink does dry fast even on specialty papers like Tomoe River and Rhodia. The thing is, this ink doesn't only ghost (show through) but also bleeds onto the sheet or mat behind the one you are writing on. All in all, I do not suggest using this ink for writing unless you use the most thick of papers. I probably has quite a few uses for artists where the back side of the medium is less important and most of the time the mat behind is already stained with inks and paints of many colors.

Recommendation : Do Not Buy

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