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This is my world, here are things I like or am thinking about. My public thoughts and reviews of anything I feel like reviewing. I used to have this universe split between five domains. That's too much work and too confusing. Therefore I warn you now, not everything here will appeal to everyone. All types of free thinkers are allowed here.


The Return of the Great Roman Empire

Wait... What... Italy is in a financial spiral. How can the empire be returning?

That's true, as is everyone else, but I speak of the United States.... 

So you mean the British Empire then?

No the British Empire was a Maritime (Ocean based) Empire under a Monarch (King or Queen).  

The US on the other hand is an Republic of States with military technological superiority that favors Land based actions. To the point that we create ships larger then some islands. 

We have a Elected President and other government officials. But due to the cost of campaigning, only an elite few can run for Election. 

What brought this on now??  So far this appears to be a CommonPlace or Lost without an Anchor post. Why is it in Rants and Raves, it's not a product or company review.

The Roman Empire considered all Roman citizens, Roman Citizens for taxation, even ones that lived as far away as the UK. There was no double taxation protections. With the changes to the tax system the US is doing the same thing. And it is causing people who were very happy to be Americans to renounce their citizenship. This is not good. It is becoming close to the problem that helped distory the Roman and British Empires.


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