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I am a geek, a nerd, a writer, a gamer, all those things that were not so cool before the Dot Com revolution. I am an old geek, before we were COOL. I am not rich. and I am physically handicapped.


This is my world, here are things I like or am thinking about. My public thoughts and reviews of anything I feel like reviewing. I used to have this universe split between five domains. That's too much work and too confusing. Therefore I warn you now, not everything here will appeal to everyone. All types of free thinkers are allowed here.


Live Long Enough ...

And you figure out that much of what they teach in schools is outdated or just plain wrong.

And People wonder why I watch "America Unearthed" and "Expedition Unknown"

Now I am not saying that these shows are the truth, like many "Reality" shows they are created and edited to entertain. But in the end you must always keep in mind the fact best expressed by Winston Churchill

History is Written by the Victors
— Winston Churchill

This is the the NPR source article that triggered my writing this post

Ice Age USA

Wonder Woman Movies

Ok so these is the concept.


Movie one - The Origin

Diana follows the guy into the 1920s. Not the 1960s now but the 1920s

Let us refresh our memory here

I am no Women Studies Scholar so in the spirit of the modern age 


An Amazon in a world were women just gained the legal right to vote...

this can go really well or be the next train wreak from DC Movies


Movie Two - World War II 

Not sure how a Amazon Warrior will face being forced to stay home and work the factory or be regulated to being a nurse..... 


Movie Three - Modern Age

Finally catching up with the Justice League Movie


The Good



Gal Godat .... Yay they didn't make Diana a blonde!!! Or a female body builder 

The Bad

A three movie origin.... That just doesn't work. Not for Superman, not for the Bat, not even for the Woverine. Probably the three most loved comics characters 

The really really Ugly 

They are making two movies before Wonder Woman's story catches up with the current DC Movie Verse.... 

Am I alone in seeing a problem here?

Up Up Comment Away! 

Franklin-Christoph Black Magic

Black Magic

Ink Information

Brand: Franklin-Christoph

Color: Black Magic

Where to Buy:

The only place I have found this ink is the Fraklin-Christof Ink Cellar  


Extra-Fine Nib

Fine Nib

Medium Nib

Cross Nib

Broad Nib

1.1 Stub

Notes and Recommendation

I had very high hopes for this ink. Franklin-Christoph bills it as Fast Dry super black ink. And they did not lie, This is some of the blackest ink I have ever used. This ink does dry fast even on specialty papers like Tomoe River and Rhodia. The thing is, this ink doesn't only ghost (show through) but also bleeds onto the sheet or mat behind the one you are writing on. All in all, I do not suggest using this ink for writing unless you use the most thick of papers. I probably has quite a few uses for artists where the back side of the medium is less important and most of the time the mat behind is already stained with inks and paints of many colors.

Recommendation : Do Not Buy

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Papers I Use for Ink Reviews

 Midori Traveler's Notebook
Refill 002 - Grid (Passport Size)

Where to Buy:

 Midori Traveler's Notebook Refill 002 - Grid (Passport Size)

Goulet Pens

Japanese Fountain Pen Friendly paper that is pretty thin and easy to get more of.


  Rhodia No. 16 Notepad
A5 - 5.875 x 8.25, Dot Pad - Black

Where to Buy:

 Rhodia No. 16 Notepad - 5.875 x 8.25, Dot Pad - Black

Goulet Pens

Rhodia Paper seems to be the standard paper for Ink Reviews, so of course I added this as a point of reference


Tomoe River Paper Pad

Where to Buy: 

Paper for Fountain Pens

Nanmi Paper

Another Japanese paper. If I understand correctly this paper was created for Catalog Mailings. It is extremely thin, almost transparent and yet has no bleed through onto the next sheet except for the most ill behaved inks, or extreme nib situations. For example I am sure you can cause bleed through with a flex nib. I do not normally flex write, so this is an amazing paper to me. I use CREAM colored for this, so that its easier to see what is Tomoe River and what is Rhodia DotPad when I scan the back sides.


M by Staples

Where to Buy:


The Staples edition of Disc Bound Notebooks. Much like Levengar Circa Notebooks, but the paper even easier to get. Staples is such a known brand and the refills are so inexpensive that you may be able to request it from your office manager at work without hassle or questioning. To be honest this is the only paper I found in USA office supply stores that is really fountain pen friendly. Cost wise it is not much more then binder filler paper. I highly recommend the whole system to a student who wishes to use Fountain Pens.

Pens I use for Ink Reviews

  Edison Nouveau Premiere Fountain Pen Cappuccino

Nib Size: Extra Fine 

Nib Material: Steel

Where to Buy :

Edison Nouveau Premiere Fountain Pen - Cappuccino
Goulet Pens

I love my Edison Nib, it may be steel but I find it as smooth as Pilot Gold Nibs. A midrange cost of pen but I find it well valued. Cartridge Converter Pen


 Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen
Chrome with Rhodium Accents

Nib Size: Fine

Nib Material: Rhodium coated Gold

Where to Buy:

Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen - Chrome with Rhodium Accents
Goulet Pens


Not even sure why this pen feels so nice to use, as I am LEFT HANDED. I believe it has to do with the OT I received as a child. My cp caused my over my hands to be shot enough to cause me to be placed with a therapist that taught me to do many things with my hands that most people learn on their own. As such I learned to UNDERWRITE rather then the even stranger ways that normal left handers self learn.

Cartridge Converter Pen


Parker Urban Black Matte GT
Medium Point Fountain Pen

Nib Size: Medium

Nib Material: Steel

Where to Buy:

Parker Urban Premium Fountain Pen - Penman Blue (Special Edition)

Goulet Pens

This is such a standard pen in the USA. That you could probably buy the pen and cartridges at a drug store. Which is one of the reasons it is in this group. It is also the only time I bought from Amazon rather then Goulet, when everything I was ordering was avalible from both. I just could not resist the all in one box kit.

Cartridge Converter Pen


Wancher 360 Edition
Innovative 360 Degree Angle
Cross Nib

Nib Size: Medium Cross Nib

Nib Material: Steel

Where to Buy:

I bought this pen for one reason only. Never saw a fountain pen with a cross nib before. It may actually be unique. This nib really does look like a cross or a Philips screw driver. I bought it once I decided I will be blogging ink reviews. It is unique but if your choice is this or some other pen of the same price range, only buy this if you want to explore the novelty of the nib. It is a squeeze converter that is fused to the nib and section. I hate these kind of converters personally. 


Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen
Black Carbonesque with Rhodium Accents

Nib Size: Broad Nib

Nib Material: Gold - Black Coated

Where to Buy:

  Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen - Black Carbonesque
with Rhodium Accents

Goulet Pens

I really like the Vaninishing Point Fountain Pens, why, you can replace the gold nib with a new unit for $62. If you ever dropped an uncap fountain pen you understand why that is an amazing option.


Monteverde Invincia Deluxe
Fountain Pen
"Night Hawk"

Nib Size: 1.1 mm Stub Nib

Nib Material: Steel - Black Coated

Where to Buy:

Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Fountain Pen - Black Chrome

Goulet Pens

The "Night Hawk" edition is not being made anymore, but it really is only the Black Chrome Invincia Deluxe made with Carbon Fiber weave. In case you want the closest you can get right now. 

The Return of the Great Roman Empire

Wait... What... Italy is in a financial spiral. How can the empire be returning?

That's true, as is everyone else, but I speak of the United States.... 

So you mean the British Empire then?

No the British Empire was a Maritime (Ocean based) Empire under a Monarch (King or Queen).  

The US on the other hand is an Republic of States with military technological superiority that favors Land based actions. To the point that we create ships larger then some islands. 

We have a Elected President and other government officials. But due to the cost of campaigning, only an elite few can run for Election. 

What brought this on now??  So far this appears to be a CommonPlace or Lost without an Anchor post. Why is it in Rants and Raves, it's not a product or company review.

The Roman Empire considered all Roman citizens, Roman Citizens for taxation, even ones that lived as far away as the UK. There was no double taxation protections. With the changes to the tax system the US is doing the same thing. And it is causing people who were very happy to be Americans to renounce their citizenship. This is not good. It is becoming close to the problem that helped distory the Roman and British Empires.


Food for Thought

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