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I am a geek, a nerd, a writer, a gamer, all those things that were not so cool before the Dot Com revolution. I am an old geek, before we were COOL. I am not rich. and I am physically handicapped.


This is my world, here are things I like or am thinking about. My public thoughts and reviews of anything I feel like reviewing. I used to have this universe split between five domains. That's too much work and too confusing. Therefore I warn you now, not everything here will appeal to everyone. All types of free thinkers are allowed here.


The Man who was Father to a People


Mandela: "I am a sinner."

Tutu (standing back up): "I will absolve you!"

Mandela: "If you clear the way, I can knock on the doors of heaven!"

From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, Summer 2008

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As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same
— Nelson Mandela
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