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I am a geek, a nerd, a writer, a gamer, all those things that were not so cool before the Dot Com revolution. I am an old geek, before we were COOL. I am not rich. and I am physically handicapped.


This is my world, here are things I like or am thinking about. My public thoughts and reviews of anything I feel like reviewing. I used to have this universe split between five domains. That's too much work and too confusing. Therefore I warn you now, not everything here will appeal to everyone. All types of free thinkers are allowed here.


The man who sold books

There was once 40 somewhat book stores in one area of NYC... It was the coffee shop of a time before ebooks and laptops.

One man took his father's store and made it thrive into a city of books of all types and ages... We lost an Icon of the physical books.

My heart goes out to the family and I wish them the best of luck in continuing the legacy


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